The Hipster - Light to Moderate Protection

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Estimated delivery date: 9/2019

You can be cool and stylish all while being leakproof and confident. 

Product Features:

  • Hip Hugger style
  • Stay Dry, moisture wicking inner layer to quickly draw moisture, pee and blood away from the body
  • Absorbent inner layer to adequately absorb up to 10 tablespoons of liquid
  • Anti-microbial treatment to control bacterial growth and odor
  • Thin, waterproof and breathable barrier to stop leaks!
  • A lot of secret sauce that we can't tell you because well...

What you will LOVE about Youni Underwear

  • Designed with a real woman's body in mind
  • Soft and stretchy sides move with your body and don't create "sausage thigh"
  • Designed to hold heavy flow and significant bladder leaks
  • A sense of style that speaks to your soul!

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