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We'd like to properly introduce ourselves with a badass, pro-quality video so that you won't have to read this copy, but we're just not there yet, guys. (BOOTSTRAPPING is so fun and not at all annoying...) Thank you for your patience. 

Tereson (left) is the inventor of FuzziBunz Diapers, a very cool reusable diapering product which helped to modernize the cloth baby diaper market two decades ago. 

Anna (right) is a well-rounded, Jane of all trades and creative type. She is amazing at taking this dynamic duo's crazy ideas and big visions, and executing plans to make it all happen.

There is no mission without heart.

We are two friends-turned-business-partners and we just happen to both have huge hearts. We really do want to change the world and make it a more beautiful place for people experiencing uncomfortable situations in life. 

Our first problem to tackle is making sustainable, fashionable and affordable alternatives for people experiencing incontinence issues through our flagship product, Youni Underwear. 

Wish Upon the Youniverse

Both single moms, we know firsthand just how challenging (and beautiful) life can be at times. We plan to use our success with The Youni Company to help those experiencing rough patches through our Wish Upon the Youniverse program. We want to help real people in real ways, such as paying for a single parent's grocery bill or cleaning service. You just never know when one simple act of kindness might be a lifesaver. 

This is just the beginning for The Youni Company. Please feel free to join our Youni Community – these two NOLA gals would love to meet you!


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